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Richard Speight Jr. Appreciation Post ~ Gabriel

The actors on Supernatural- Good lord they are amazing.

We all have seen how Jensen can portray so many levels of personality for Dean, and how Jared can go from adorable baby moose brother to badass monster hunter in under 0.02 seconds.

And don’t even get me started on Misha. aka version 1.0!Castiel aka rebel!Castiel aka crazy!Castiel aka jimmy

I would just like to take a moment and really look back to when Richard Speight Jr. played Gabriel.

Do you guys remember this scene?

When Gabriel and Lucifer are talking (about humans i think) and are about to fight. I was watching this and got smacked in the head with a revelation at just how good RSJr’s acting is.

Look at this mans face.

Look at this brilliance.

On this side of his face, look at how regretful and sad he looks. Look at how there is so much light on this side of his face, how there is almost hope there. He knows he is probably about to die. And look at how his eyes are just asking why? please brother. why is it really coming to this? Can’t this just stop?

And now look at this side of his face.

On this side of his face, you are reminded that this is not Gabriel the trickster, or Gabriel the Brother Who Ran. This is Gabriel the Archangel- “Absolute.” “One of Heavens most fearsome weapons.” This side of his face is heavily shadowed. There is a resignation in his eyes saying i apologize things had to come to this. And also maybe a hint of guilt. But everything else is gone. Angels are not supposed to feel, right? Right. You can’t even see any real anger here. Passive, but deadly.

And RSJr is able to portray ALL of this at one time, in this single, intense moment.

RSJr, why do you do

[obligatory RSJr gifs]

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